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Our Mission

PITCH 4 KIDZ is a non-profit organization providing positive interventions targeting communication and healing for children.


We are committed to providing exciting, age-appropriate programs aimed at teaching coping and communication skills for children living in families impacted by substance abuse and addiction. We offer a safe, energetic, and professional environment that fosters education, healing, and skill building. We value the uniqueness of every child in our program. We believe that children deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, value, and worth. Ultimately, children deserve to be children.

Goals of the Program

PITCH 4 KIDZ strives to impart messages of strength and hope to families facing the disease of addiction. The program is designed to help children understand addiction and realize that it is not their fault. The program teaches that treatment and recovery are possible and that families can heal. The lessons and skills presented are geared toward building resilience, healthy communication, and social competence. By fostering honest communication shameful feelings are reduced and children are empowered.

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